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"I was complaining about my poor credit score, not having a car and paying high interest rates for about a year and finally my friend told me about Precision Credit Restoration and how they could help me improve my credit score. I will admit I was a little nervous about opening up to someone about my poor credit status and what caused all of it, but eventually I decided to suck it up and take control of my credit. I decided to meet Stephanie and I was surprised by how she listened and made me feel comfortable about my situation. She explained the whole process in terms I could understand and told me sit back while she took over the stressful workload. And that she did, in just 35 days I had 9 items deleted from my credit report, added 2 positive accounts and my score rose 134 points, and that was only the beginning. Now, I’ve been able to get approved for 2 major credit cards, a car loan and not having to pay outrageous interest rates. Stephanie is a true professional and her company cleaned up my credit with phenomenal results. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Stephanie for saving me from my financial rut."

"Precision Credit Restoration has been everything they stand for; from profession advice to monitoring your credit and guiding you to attain the best credit score you can ever imagine. They helped me from a low 600 credit score to 765 within only 45 days! Within this short time frame, I've been able to qualify for high limit credit cards with low interest rates, purchase a new car and in the process to refinance my home. I was able to kick back and relax, while my credit worries were being professionally monitored by The Credit Repair Queen. Kudos to the Queen...keep doing what you do best. I would recommend them to anyone and I have. Thank you."

When I began my credit journey with The Credit Repair Queen on July 12th my credit was in the mid 500's. So you can imagine my surprise when the bank representative informed me that my credit score was now in the upper 600's. I asked him to repeat himself. When he did, I screamed so loud! In only a month my credit score had gone up 100 points! I was overcome with joy and hope. Stephanie Lawrence has really worked wonders, not to mention she's still not done working her magic. She will definitely be someone I never let out of my life. She really cares and wants the best for your future! I even had my husband sign up as well! We are in the midst of starting a business and she even helps establish business credit as well. I know this is just the beginning and thanks to The Credit Repair Queen I know my future is bright. Don't procrastinate any longer let her make your future bright as well!"

“I just want to say that Stephanie’s system works! My credit score shot up over 100 points in just under 60 days, and that's only the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I am no longer in the high-risk category and my score is continuing to rise. With her knowledge, ethical practices and hard work, I would recommend her to anyone. And I have. Thank you Stephanie!”


I am an author, speaker and a credit coach with over 10 years of experience. Back in 2006, I was determined to accomplish the goal of purchasing my first home for me my and my daughter. However, I was devastated after being turned down for a mortgage and notified that my credit score was a 535 and fell even further to a 478.  

I used this experience to study credit vigorously and started to implement various strategies to fix my own credit and began to help my family and friends as well. I became trained as a Certified Credit Consultant and this is when Precision Credit Restoration was born.  

I have authored two books: The Credit Repair Blueprint and Business Credit Decoded. My blogs feature tips, tools and trainings that have helped thousands of people around the United States build strong credit scores and a brighter financial future.

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